About Us

We’re a group of people who wants to keep the public inform on what’s going on. We envision a fully informed world.

We’re living in the information world where in accessing to latest news and current affairs has never been so easy. With all the electronic gadgets so affordable now, and with the Internet connection speed like that of a local network, a person that’s not well informed could either be so old already, or is living in the remotest part of the world where everything’s still done premitively. And having this in mind, with all the news ready for access unlimitedly, and with so many options to choose from, you’ll end up just reading anything that may get your interest. Then as you keep on reading and you got so excited or discouraged because of the content, and you’re forwarding it to your friends or acquaintances, but only to be responded that you got a fake news. So we, at CTN (CatchTheNews) team came up to this solution where we can give you the most interesting news you’ll find and be assured that they’re all real news.